Monday, September 29, 2008

'In which Yiwonda realizes that her neighbour's generator has stopped, breaks from tradition and DARES...

Yiwonda’s senses have been recently detected sensations that (now that she has acknowledged them)
Have realized themselves like a sound that you are only aware of when it stops.

Strange really; man would have you think that he is more awake than he really is.
Awake; consciousness, semi consciousness, consciousness without purpose= asleep, good as dead.
Consciousness with conviction = awake, the penny drops.

On that footing Yiwonda jerks ‘awake’ whilst working at her desk and the ‘capricious monotone’ droning in her head suddenly stops.
And setting the scene for inspiration is Chopin’s Piano Concerto No 2 in F Minor which sweeps into reality – ta da da-da-da-da!
And suddenly I’m engulfed with an enthusiasm for life and living!

‘But set down, this set down’; When does this feeling disappear (ting- da da da da – the piano solo has just began)…
when does living become the drone of the background generator…why am I not constantly INSPIRED! ‘I grow old … I grow old, I shall wear the bottom of my trousers rolled.’

I want to scream Wake up and live!! But charity starts at home.
And why do I need you to determine my happiness; how will it benefit ME if YOU live (in the Yiwonda approach) and I don’t? mmm…
I love you… to distraction…your happiness is my happiness, I don’t want to be alone,
And as long as you are quasi existent, as long as you are waiting for tomorrow, as long as you don’t dare
….I fear, my dear, that I will be.

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acacia said...

lovey this is great writing, personal and passionate. 'consciousness with conviction'.
wherein lies constant inspiration?